Stanley Okoro
General Manager
Fisher International, USA

Coming to Fisher via Mobil and Shell, Stanley Okoro oversees Fisher’s worldwide strategic and tactical direction. With the mission to support data-driven decision making in the industry, Mr. Okoro has responsibility for operations, product development, solutions delivery, global sales, and strategic alliances.

Along with his executive team, Mr. Okoro works closely with Fisher’s clients to identify and implement practical product and service innovations aimed at maintaining Fisher’s leadership in the information services and strategic consulting.

Mr. Okoro holds a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from Howard University, and subsequently attended Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.
Senior Management Symposium
E-Commerce: Impact on Paper, Packaging and related Markets

E-commerce is a big consumer trend and will continue to grow share of retail, especially in countries with internet penetration, such as U.S., Singapore, China, UK, and Finland.

What would be its impact on the industry?
E-Commerce today creates outsized packaging consumption due to packaging inefficiency; its rapid growth is one of the biggest drivers of containerboard consumption. E-commerce has created more recyclable containers at the households’ level resulting in less efficient collection than collection at the store wholesalers’ level of the supply chain. We will explore the impact of E-commerce on OCC collection rate and its marginal cost. In addition to offering affordable protective utility for E-commerce packaging and shipments, containerboard help propel E-commerce growth by serving to promote and enable consumer-centric branding innovations in consumer brands for new and emerging enterprises. With this wide and varied segment of customers, packaging companies who can help businesses create customer loyalty and word-of mouth will have powerful value propositions
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