Dr. Mahendra Patel
Technical Adviser
Indian Agro and Recycled Paper Mills Association, India

Dr. Mahendra Patel obtained his first doctorate degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi and second from the University of Pierre and Marie Curie (France). During seven years in France he gained considerable experience in SEM (scanning electron microscopy) and X-ray spectrometry with instrument manufacturers in France, U.K., Germany, Switzerland and Holland, specialising in nanotechnology for fibres and particles.

He is a widely published author, holder of eight patents and leading reviewer of technical papers.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Enhancing processes, enhancing paper

Applications of Nanotechnology in Formation and Control of Harsh Environments

Nanotechnology is shown to have high potential of applications in the pulp and paper manufacturing processes. The objective of this paper is firstly to present the applications of nanotechnology in different areas of pulp and paper manufacturing, citing some examples from the studies undertaken by the author and secondly to discuss the mechanism of formation of harsh environments and solutions for control and prevention.

This paper is intended to take forward the micro and nano technologies to the operational areas and to enhance recycling of water and fiber amid harsh environments. A mechanism for the commencement of scaling and corrosion through a nano phenomenon has also been delineated here. This paper presents a renewed and integrated picture of the different harsh environments, revealing the complex and varying mixing pattern they form, affecting the reliability of measuring equipment and control techniques.

It is indicated that the harsh environments can be characterized at nano scale and their roles can be interpreted in terms of a nano concept. Solutions to harsh environments with recourse to chemical and biochemical routes, have been explained to be accomplished following nano concepts.
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