Lawrence Yane
Sales Engineer
Enerquin Air Inc., Canada

Based at Corporate Headquarters in Montreal, Lawrence Yane’s is Sales Engineer for Enerquin Air Inc., responsible for Asia, USA Mid-West, West Coast, and New England. Mr. Yane has a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (1994) and Master of Science (1997) from McGill University (Montreal, Canada) and has spent his entire professional career in Technical Sales and Product Development.

He works closely with clients on paper air systems issues, focusing on drying efficiency and optimisation which are key factors for maximum production and profitability.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Enhancing processes, enhancing paper

Troubleshooting Dryer Section Runnability Problems in Paper and Board Machines

In board and paper machines, issues such as sheet breaks and edge flutter become more prevalent in dryer section open draws as speed increases (which has a negative effect on machine efficiency). Implementing the appropriate runnability solutions will help to support the sheet and effectively reduce open draws. The ideal type and configuration of new runnability equipment for existing machines depends on several factors such as type of production, machine speed, felt/dryer configuration and the area of the dryer section. Most new runnability projects will therefore require customized engineering solutions. Select case studies will be presented with specific detail to the engineering challenges and the associated solutions which address the needs of the customer.
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