Kari Hilden
Chief Executive Officer
Papertech, Canada

Kari Hilden is a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Canada in Pulp and Paper. He was with Devron Engineering (now Honeywell) from 1981 to 1991. Kari was Involved in the introduction of paper machine profile control actuator systems to improve paper machine production and efficiency. Over a 20 year period, Kari has presented many technical papers at various conferences around the world (Tappi, Paptac, CPPA, Appita, etc). He founded Papertech Inc. in 1992. Papertech Inc. has become a world leader in providing paper & tissue mills, pressrooms, converting operations with various machine vision technology to eliminate breaks, defects and other production bottle necks. In May, 2016 Papertech was sold to IBS Paper Performance Group (Austria).
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Tissue Converting Lines Integrated with Machine Vision Achieve New Levels of Efficiency & Product Quality

Tissue breaks and various defects are a reality on all types of converting lines, robbing efficiency and tissue quality. Papertech has developed many powerful machine vision solutions to specifically improve the efficiency of various types of converting and packaging lines. New advanced machine vision-based solutions allow converting lines to reach previously unobtainable levels of OEE with less operator involvement.

Converting operations have long struggled with various efficiency-robbing issues ranging from poor incoming product quality, to machinery issues that are not operator or maintenance controllable. With a range of cameras tailored to specific applications to analyze product quality, equipment operation and overall final product quality, a significant increase in efficiency can be achieved typically ranging from 5% to 15%.

Converting lines can automatically take preventive steps to stop process interruptions. The new imaging technology is based on fully digital high speed and resolution cameras, combined into a single inspection and web monitoring platform with a single user interface, and is able to automatically pinpoint and analyze all types of process disturbances. The latest GigEVision® based digital cameras are utilized together with GigE digital video transmission and intuitive digital image processing software, to see at any machine speed the event/defect/disturbance and find its origin. Furthermore the cameras can now take the required control action to prevent the process interruption from ever happening.
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