Jean-Francis Bloch
Grenoble INP, France

Jean Francis Bloch’s key research areas include the physics of fibrous structures, structural analysis of porous media, heat and mass transfer in porous media, and optical properties.

His experience includes the co-ordination of technological projects plus leadership in surface and 3D structure characterization, physical properties of fibrous materials and industrial process optimization, particularly in paper manufacturing.

Jean Francis’ work is widely published, and he is the holder of two international patents with two further pending.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Enhancing processes, enhancing paper

Optical Characterization of Uniformity and Transfer Properties in Paper

In the paper and tissue industries, the penetration of liquid in complex fibrous structures is a key issue for both manufacturing process and end use products. Existing methods may be used, but long-duration tests are not acceptable as they do not correspond to the actual phenomena occurring during industrial processes, and end use products, including printing. The aim of our research was to elaborate an optical method combined with image analysis for measuring the dynamics of penetration of liquid through paper and simultaneously characterizing the uniformity of the materials at a millimeter scale. The device, named eXtended Liquid Penetration Analyser, allows quantitative measurement of liquid absorption for a brief time, starting at 0.016 s. Moreover, the use of a camera allows the characterization of non-homogeneity in paper structure, which remain a main factor for the efficiency of fluid absorption.

We will present results dedicated to paper and tissue to prove the potential of the equipment and its ability to discriminate different qualities for paper samples. As a result, the dynamics of liquid permeation through papers and tissues may be quantitatively evaluated.
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