Federica Proh
Marketing Manager
BBA Biotech s.r.l., Italy

Trained as a product and communication designer, Federica Proh has worked as marketing manager at BBA Biotech for three years and totally for 10 years in sales, new business and projects.

Having the chance to deal with eco-friendly and future-oriented biotechnologies has always motivated Federica in thinking out of the box and finding challenging eco-sustainable solutions. Environmental consciousness, innovative projects and forward-thinking drive Federica to help customers achieve their goals while helping them through each step of project development.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Tissue technologies driving change

How Biologically-Active Tissue Paper Enobles the Tissue

BATP® Biologic Active Tissue Paper, exclusive biotechnology applied to tissue paper designed for Tissue Companies, is the first complete product that cleans pipes and septic tanks directly from the toilet to degrade and reduce organic pollutants. The synergy of selected natural and harmless microorganisms applied to tissue paper transforms a traditional commodity into a bioactive specialty that:

-Eliminates unpleasant odors;
-Avoids the risk of clogging;
-Reduces purging operations, keeps pipes and sewer systems clean;
-Resists pathogens growth and leads to improved hygiene.

The product is sprayed directly on the internal surface of toilet paper. Once it arrives in the sewage system, in contact with wastewater it activates and starts to biodegrade incrustations. The technology requires minimum implementation costs and no equipment changes in converting lines. It also transforms an everyday routine as part of an environmental-friendly lifestyle and promotes wastewater treatment. It is a unique innovation based on international patented technology – a solution which comes from nature. Increased profits thanks to reduced costs and more savings, enhanced performance high biotech-oriented quality and safety lead to customer loyalty, strategic method to achieve new markets and gain a competitive advantage. BATP ® has been successfully distributed in Europe, Australia and Latin America since 2005.
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