Eva Wackerberg
Applications RD&I Manager
AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, Sweden

Having completed a Master’s science degree at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1988 Eva Wackerberg joined Akzo Nobel as a management trainee and has worked at the group ever since, gaining significant experience in all aspects of mechanical, chemical and recovered fibre bleaching. Eva is based at Akzo Nobel Pulp and Performance Chemicals AB’s Applications RD&I in Bohus, Sweden.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Fibers: trends, outlook and processes

Global Trends in Pulp Bleaching and Proposed Ways to further Decrease the Water Usage in ECF Bleaching

Today ECF bleaching is the dominant bleaching technology for kraft pulp; it is used in all segments including tissue. This paper presents the technology development that has taken place leading up to the modern ECF sequences including the current BAT accepted emission levels in waste water. Today water use by the pulp industry is not regulated; a growing world population and the increasing scarcity of fresh water in certain areas of the world accentuates the need for our industry to lower its “water footprint”. Efficient water use is an important factor in achieving a sustainable pulp production. In this study, WinGEMS simulation models were used to evaluate reduced water usage for a Eucalyptus ECF bleached kraft pulp mill. According to the simulations, the effluent volume could be decreased from 20.7 t/air dry ton (ADt) pulp to 8.7 t/ADt in a D (EOP)DP sequence without calcium oxalate formation being predicted. In this case, no fresh water was used in the bleach plant except for that used to dilute chemicals.
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