Cleverson P.A. Torelli
Project Coordinator
Metso / Klabin, Brazil

Cleverson P. A. Torelli is a postgraduate in production engineering and graduate in electrical engineering. He has worked as a trainee, maintenance engineer and project engineer in several segments of industry: metrology, telecommunication, beverage, engineering, pulp and paper. He has a background in capital projects with experience in Germany and Finland. He is currently a project coordinator at Klabin Brazil.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Industry 4.0: The Next Industrial Revolution in Paper

Industry 4.0 – Puma Project – Brazil – 2017

The Puma project had as its target, a production of 1.5 million tons of pulp per year and Self-sufficiency in Electric Power (270MW). To provide site automation, the existing situation included 38 redundant controllers within the DCS, 15,000 physical I / O points, 2,900 devices interconnected in Profibus-DP, 130 in Modbus-RTU, 65 interconnected in Modbus-TCP. The instrumentation now adopted has smart Hart protocol, sending online data to the DCS, allowing installed base monitoring and a focus on predictive maintenance. Process data are available at Corporate Network through the PIMS, where intelligent KPI´s can be generated which can be accessed via desktops and mobile phones. A Control Loop Performance Monitoring system was also implemented; the software utilized was Plant Triage from Metso Expertune, which provides Performance monitoring and can calculate and suggest the best tuning for the control loop, decreasing process variability and as consequence generating energy and chemical savings, creating better plant reliability.

Results of Industry 4.0 implementation:
· Control loops with proper tuning
· Less variability of the manufacturing process
· Online event notification
· Trusted information in real time
· Focus on Predictive Maintenance
· Integrated systems
· Agility in decision making
· Saving money
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