Brendan van Wyk
Business Development Manager, Pulp & Paper
Xylem Water Solutions South Africa (Pty), Ltd, South Africa

A graduate of Durban Institute of Technology with an NHD in Chemical Engineering and Wits Technikon Btech Pulp and Paper, Brendan van Wyk’s current responsibilities with Xylem include growing the market for ozone bleaching, as well as effluent treatment in the Greater Asian region. He has been involved in the paper industry for more than 10 years, as supplier of different technologies from improvement of recovery boiler capacities and recast area improvements to oxygen bleaching and now ozone bleaching and effluent treatment.
New Applied Technology Sessions – Fibers: trends, outlook and processes

Economic Benefits of Including an Ozone Stage in the Bleach Plant

When a pulp mill is looking to modernise its process, or go through an expansion project, there are few choices in terms of bleach plant design. Best Practice used to mean elemental chlorine free bleach sequences (ECF). However, Ozone bleaching has become a very viable alternative process or addition to an existing bleach sequence, becoming the new Best Available Technology, with over 10 million tons of pulp bleached each year. The Authors will review the Capital expenditure and implications as well as the decisions a mill needs to make when considering an ozone stage vs chlorine dioxide expansion. This will include what existing equipment can be re-used or retrofitted for ozone, and what additional equipment is required. We will review the impact on operational costs to the mill based on expected chemical costs and consumption for different bleach sequences showing the economic benefits of combining ozone with chlorine dioxide bleaching, and ultimately reviewing the costs for total chlorine free bleaching.
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