Asian Paper & Tissue World Bangkok

From 6 - 8 June 2018 at BITEC, meet a wide range of paper and tissue industry suppliers at Asian Paper & Tissue World Bangkok exhibition.


Exhibiting companies hail from USA, Austria, Bangladesh, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and UAE.


Components & Equipments for Paper/Tissue Manufacturing



BHAVNA Colourants - India

The Acid Dyes are anionic dyes which have very good brightness and moderate to good lightfastness properties. These are used for calendar stains & for Nip/Dip applications.





Powell International - Singapore

A Singapore based company with 14 years of experience in producing Cardan shaft for the South East Asia market, Powell International stocks a comprehensive range of cardan shaft components and provides timely delivery for their customers in the pulp and paper industry.



High Precision Double Rotary Sheet
Cutter Machine

Sansin Printing Machine Material - Thailand

HSC 1400S High precision double rotary sheet cutter machine adopted Germany technology and is a result of Sansin's years of experience in production sheet cutter machine, R&D of high precision, stable running, energy saving and efficient new products. Widely used in cardboard paper, coated paper, kraft paper, culture paper, double gummed paper, gloss photo paper, gold and silver cardboard, aluminized paper, laser paper, packaging paper,etc.



Spray System for Cutting Toilet Roll

TKM Group - Singapore

TKM carried out an extensive research with tissue converters to identify their major concerns. Three major areas were identified: Minimise the risk of fire caused by sparking during the sharpening process; minimise the formation of grinding dust on the toilet roll surface ; and minimise the contamination of glue on the grinding wheel surface. A unique spray system was developed by TKM team that addresses the above problems.




VOSS Hollow Core Packings (HCP)

VOSS - Singapore

VOSS Hollow Core Packings (HCP) are specifically designed to reduce packing wear in rotating equipment with excessive shaft run out. Months of in-plant testing have proven that VOSS Hollow Core Packings outlast conventional packing in applications associated with excessive shaft deflection on large shafts.



Krebs Separation Solutions

FLSmidth - Thailand

FLSmidth Krebs high density stock cleaners separate dense contaminants from paper pulp to protect downstream equipment and maintain product quality. Continuous rejects cleaner systems are available with feed, accepts, and rejects headers and isolation valves, and are often designed in multiple stages to reduce the amount of fiber lost with the rejects.

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Thailand Exhibiting Companies include:

Sansin Printing Machine Material

SANSIN HOLDINGS INTERNATIONAL GROUP CO., LTD is specialized in supplying all sort of printing equipment and materials and providing solutions for all printing and packaging needs including all the pre-press, printing, and post-press needs. Meanwhile, we also scheme the investing and purchasing plan for the customers (such as production technology, process, equipment selecting and budgeting, etc.) and offering complete after-sales services, including training, maintenance and repairing etc.

Howa Matai Packaging

We are a Thailand-based wholesaler of high quality packaging materials such as Jumbo Bag, Fiber Drum, Paper Core, Laminated Products & Cloth and Flexible Packaging (Sandwich & Bread packing, Frozen Lunch Box, Snack, Boiling/Retort Sausage, Refill Pouch).


PMPRO Co.,Ltd is the company providing products and services to paper machines. The main services are on-site for headbox, alignment, nip test and it's hydraulic and control for press, size press and calender, on-site grinding and coating for roll, dryer and winder drums. PMPRO is also the representative for key suppliers e.g. Yamauchi (PU and Composite covers), APA-Kandt / MWN (Suction roll and shell), Daesung Engineering (Canvas cleaner and process equipment), Karl BUCH (Chilled cast iron roll), Ralex Industries (Grinding and coating for dryer and roll), ProTest Engineering (Test and upgrade for hydraulic and control for nip rolls)

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Innovations in the Tissue Industry


ANDRITZ - Austria

The PrimeLineTIAC – Tissue Innovation and Application Center features the latest tissue technology - from fiber technology to the tissue machine, pumps and automation - focusing on energy-efficient and high-quality tissue production. Tissue producers, pulp producers, suppliers to the tissue industry and R&D institutes can book the center for trials and networking.



BBA Biotech - Italy

BATP®, unique patented biotechnology designed for Tissue Paper' Industry and applied in converting. Five carefully selected, natural and safe microorganisms are applied on tissue paper and transform tissue, from commodity to specialty. A bioactive tissue paper that activates in contact with wastewater and naturally cleans pipes and septic tanks; and eliminates bad smells and biodegrades incrustations.





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